The World Toilet Day is an eye-opener, and EMON Sanitary Ware makes the convenience of “convenient”


The Japanese popularize the toilet cover. Many Chinese are used to riding squats. India is still struggling to have a toilet... A toilet can measure the gap in social civilization. do you know? On November 19th of each year, it is the "World Toilet Day." The United Nations hopes to encourage governments to take action to improve environmental sanitation and establish good hygiene practices through World Toilet Day. With the development of the times, the public is paying more and more attention to the privacy, safety and hygiene of toilets!

After all, people have three urgency to avoid, and even many people in the toilet on the toilet to create inspiration, thinking about life and so on! Now, let's talk about the history of the toilet!

The earliest toilet can be traced to the "Xijing Miscellanies", and the Han Dynasty court made jade with "jaw". This is the special tool that later generations call the toilet and the potty, and it is also the predecessor of the toilet.

The "Mu Ma Zi" in Ouyang Xiu's "Return to the Field" is interpreted as "a wooden toilet" in "The Source". The toilet used in ancient China is a round wooden barrel with a lid, which is coated with tung oil or a good waterproof lacquer.

In 1596, the British aristocrat John Harrington invented the first practical toilet (a wooden seat with a water tank and a flush valve).

In 1914, the first ceramic toilet in China was made by the British Qixin Ceramics Factory (the predecessor of Tangshan Ceramics Factory) opened in Tangshan.

In the 1860s, toilets began to flourish in Europe and the United States, and later spread to Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea.

In the early 1980s, the pumping ceramic toilet appeared only in hotels, hotels, and luxury houses on the tall!

However, with the continuous development of modern technology, pumping ceramic toilets can be seen everywhere, smart toilets gradually enter the homes of ordinary people, and are favored by the public, especially the smart toilets under the EMONbathroom!

As a popular toilet, you should first have a strong net punch function.

EMON smart toilet can feel the water flushing, no need to bend over, prevent dripping, and stretch the foot close to the induction to flush. After the convenience, the toilet is automatically sprayed with water to prevent dirt from adhering; the super swirling water is used to help flush the water and completely remove the residual dirt. We no longer have to worry about the excrement sticking to it. After the convenience, we must hold the toilet brush and brush it! Moreover, the diameter of the toilet pipe is widened to 60mm, which avoids the use of blockages, and saves the cost of the toilet.

Secondly, the comfortable and intimate function makes the smart toilet stand out in the traditional toilet.

In this regard, EMON's smart toilet is even better. The side features commonly used function buttons, convenient to use daily functions; the seat ring is constant temperature, the temperature is comfortable, the air wave dries the toilet, no longer makes people feel cool. Adjust the temperature file number to help you get rid of the troubles of sitting on the cold toilet in winter!

In the dead of night, you can turn on the night light mode with one button, for your low-light illumination, you don't have to explore it in the dark. At this time, are you worried that the noise of the toilet will stand out in the dark? Calm, smart toilet one button to help you, quiet down, do not disturb the rest of the family.

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